Free YouTube Views

How to get free youtube views?

We are here to explain you step by step about the trendsviews app to get free youtube views, This tutorial having 3 simple steps to set your youtube video views for free.

1. Sign In/Sign Up and Goto Add Video Page


The Above image will show you the exact photo of the "Add Video" page available in trendsviews app, here you need to select the youtube network and in the URL you need to paste the youtube video URL e.g. and click on the Next button.

2. Set Seconds to Play


Here take a look at the above screen, minimum seconds to play is automatically calculated based on the duration of the video, You can able to see that duration of the video is 133 seconds, so according to the youtube algorithm any video must be played to 33% of its length to consider as 1 view, hence 33% of 133 seconds is 44 seconds, so nowhere a minimum of 50 seconds threshold is by default set by this screen, but here you can able to increase seconds to play till the duration of video length or maximum 450 seconds whichever is lower.

3. Final Step


As soon as you click on the add video button, you are redirected to the "My Videos" page with the latest added video, This screen will show you some major information about your added video, It will automatically fetch the current view count of your video and continuously check the view count to maintain start count and current count for one to get an idea about the ordered views and delivered as well, you can also disable it to getting views even you can also delete the video to rollback the credits earned by you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you get free views on YouTube?

What types of videos would you choose when you browse YouTube and look for something interesting to watch? Bet you're probably going to choose the video based on its count of views. View counts in general are the sorting hats for videos from YouTube. Nonetheless, getting to the top is not easy at all. We are here to help if you fail to get enough views on your videos. As it's one of our most used services, you can get free YouTube views from us.

It's about time for your organic traffic rates and views to begin to increase if you get free views. As they believe they are worth watching, people will give them a chance. If your content is of high quality, they might also subscribe to your channel - a lot of birds with just one stone.

Your Empire Building on YouTube

As this is an amount that can't be overlooked, you can develop your empire and have a devoted audience of millions.

Suppose you're interested in digital marketing as an aspiring social media influencer or trying to create your profile. YouTube is in that case, one of the strongest sites. Is it really a smart idea, though, to get on the train without planning and hoping that your audiences can find your material on their own? This is actually something that is very impractical and unlogical.

People have been putting years into their craft, and many sleepless nights. In that scenario, you have to close the gap by getting some external assistance that will give you a fast boost, because success is not assured even though you put your heart into your craft and do it the right way.

How long would it take to obtain the likes of my YouTube?

There are never more than 30 minutes. We process your order instantly right after receiving your request. Nevertheless, it can take twelve hours for your order to be completely received in certain serious cases.

Why Get Free YouTube Views?

As we described above, it's a waste of time to rely on individuals to find you on their own.

It's a waste of time if the YouTube algorithm does not recommend you to your target audience and features your videos. You can constantly upload and make quality videos as much as you want, but if no one stumbles upon them to give them a shot, it's kind of pointless. By having free YouTube views, win your popularity easily.

When the algorithm learns that your videos are watched from all over the world, it will immediately change your opinion of you.

Your videos will begin to be featured on important pages and, apart from other material, will be recommended. In that way, you will begin to create a loyal audience that will help you through the good and the bad.

Will free YouTube likes to help my channel to grow?

Definitely! Yes! When seen in large numbers, individuals are more likely to watch a video or subscribe to a channel.

Is my channel limited to having free YouTube views?

Since there is no list, it is very difficult for YouTube to detect YouTube likes when you can see who liked your video. And even though they know it the worst-case scenario is that your likes are eliminated and you can easily say that you haven't bought any. We will re-deliver your likes, then! Closed Case.

Do you love making money on YouTube?

Not so, unfortunately. Depending on the likes of your posts, YouTube does not compensate.

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