Free Vimeo Plays

How to get free vimeo plays?

With 3 simple steps below to set your Vimeo video views free of charge, below are steps to explain the trendsview app to get free vimeo plays.

1. Sign In/Sign Up and Goto Add Video Page


The above image shows you the exact picture of the "Add Video" page in the Trendsviews app, you need to pick the Vimeo network and paste the video URL of the vimeo, e.g. and click the next button.

2. Set Seconds to Play


You can see that the video length is 133 seconds, so the screen above the minimum seconds to be played will be automatically determined based on the video duration, according to the Dailymotion algorithm. Every video must be played up to 33 percent of its length to be counted as 1 view, so 33 percent of 133 seconds is 44 seconds, so there is no minimum threshold of 50 seconds set by default on this screen, but here you can increase the playback time before the length or maximum duration of the video is set.

3. Final Step


As soon as you click the Add Video button, you will be redirected to the "My Videos" page with the newly added video, this screen will show you some important information about your added video, it will automatically get your video's current view count and continuously check the view count to keep start count and current count for one to get an idea of the views ordered and delivered as well as a view count.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Vimeo, what counts as a view?

It is counted as a view on Vimeo whenever a user loads your video.

How long is it going to take to get views on Vimeo?

You will see the approximate arrival time of your Vimeo views after entering the number of views you want.

On Vimeo, can you hide your views?

You can change the video permission so that only Vimeo members can see it.

Is it possible to purchase views for Vimeo?

Of course, with an SSL certificated website, we provide a very safe environment for your transactions.

Do you need my vimeo account's password?

No, we have a concept that prevents us from asking for personal information from you. Your password is secure. Don't share yourself with others!

Why would I need views?

You don't need views, but in order to find yourself among thousands of developers, your future followers would need you to have a lot of views.

After certain time, will my views vanish or decrease from vimeo?

That is not something that happens on a fairly regular basis. However, we're going to refill your opinions for at least six months if any declines occur!

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