Free Facebook Views

How to get free facebook views?

Below are steps explain you about the trendsviews app to get free facebook views, Below tutorial having 3 simple steps to set your facebook video views for free.

1. Sign In/Sign Up and Goto Add Video Page


The picture above shows you the exact picture of the "Add Video" page available in the Trendsviews app, you need to pick the facebook network here and paste the facebook video URL in the URL field, e.g. and press the button for Next.

2. Set Seconds to Play


Take a look at the screen above the minimum seconds to play will be automatically calculated based on the video duration, You can see that the video duration is 133 seconds, so according to the Facebook algorithm, any video must be played to 33 percent of its length to be considered as 1 view, so 33 percent of 133 seconds is 44 seconds, so there is no minimum threshold of 50 seconds set by default on this screen, but here you can increase seconds to play until the video length or maximum duration is set.

3. Final Step


You will be redirected to the "My Videos" page with the latest video added as soon as you click the Add Video button, This screen will show you some important information about your added video, it will automatically get your video's current view count and constantly check the view count to keep start count and current count for one to get an idea of the ordered views and delivered as well you can also disable it to get views even if you can also delete the video to roll back the credits earned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my account be positively influenced by a lot of views on Facebook?

Sure! Of course! Facebook's algorithm actively promotes accounts with high interaction rates, like many other social media sites. For this case, a lot more will be suggested for your video.

How many views on Facebook can I buy?

It depends on your content, but a maximum of ten million views can be purchased from us at once.

How Facebook count 1 view?

The view of the video (or story) was counted as a view on Facebook for at least 3 seconds.

Will I get blocked for purchasing views on Facebook?

Oh, no. But it is best not to buy too many at once for one piece of material. You wouldn't want to make it look like spam.

Is it safe to purchase views for Facebook?

Definitely. Yes. Our system is protected by an SSL certificate, so during your order, all of your information is encrypted.

Is it possible for anyone to know that I purchased views from Facebook?

If you don't go overboard and play your cards right, it's not possible for anyone to see that you purchased false views. Given your current position, the number of views you'll get should be reasonably credible.

Does the quality matter when I purchase views of Facebook videos?

Yes, it really matters material. It's not just what you have written, nor how you have posted it. You can choose the best content available at the time if you want to maximize the results.

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