Want 1,000,000 Views?

Want 1,000,000 Views?

Hi, I noticed you signed up for TrendsViews but have not tried our YouTube solution yet. Below is how a youtube video gained 1,014,318 views.

Posted on Jul 13, 2019

Hi, I noticed you signed up for TrendsViews but have not tried our YouTube solution yet.

Below is how a video www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxndl3aSHkM gained 1,014,318 views through our network.

1) Real views. Our customer Sara Spicer started a campaign with 1,490 views and the video grew to 1,015,808 views.

2) Distribution. We took Sara's video and pushed it through our powerful network. We display your video to the real audience. Your video has to get seen, in order to get shared.

3) Engagement. Sara paid nothing unless a real, targeted person watched a minimum of 30 seconds of her video. All displays free. All click free. All sharing on facebook/twitter free. All analytics free. All views less than 30 seconds free.

I hope you are ready to give us a try.

Start your YouTube campaign at www.trendsviews.com and get noticed.

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