Some important updates for Paid Membership Users

Some important updates for Paid Membership Users

Hello TrendsViews Users, TrendsViews is happy to announce all paid membership users about the product major update that is beneficial for them.

Posted on Apr 24, 2020

Hello TrendsViews Users,

TrendsViews is happy to announce all paid membership users about the product major update that is beneficial for them. Moreover, TrendsViews had successfully upgraded web app for all users, below are points covered in these recent updates.


1. Free Plan now limited to 100 seconds 

We are here to serve quality service for all users, hence somewhere our paid members are facing some trouble and lacking performance for their views increasing task, to overcome this we have now put all free plan users to a limited to 100 seconds playable for their videos, so time slot for gaining views for paid users will be an increase automatically.


2. Free Plan users can add only 1 video at a time 

Above statement itself said that now free plan users are limited to add only 1 video at a time, they can not add more than 1 video in their account, throughout this task for increasing views of the free category users will be limited to no of users, so that paid users can have more videos to add to gain views.


3. Credit mining can be done through a single computer with unique i/p

Credit mining is actually a major task to get views on your video, but we observe that some of the free users are using the spamming technique to archive maximum credits in their accounts, now we make the necessary changes in the player to execute using unique IP, it is useful for both paid and free users because the social network will consider it as a legit view and allow it to show in their real-time report and views dropping ratio will be also decreased. 


Hope our announcement is understood to all paid users. still, you can ask for more on website live chat module


TrendsViews Team

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