3 Major update rolled out in TrendsViews

3 Major update rolled out in TrendsViews

Hello TrendsViews Users, TrendsViews is happy to announce all users about the product major update and during this period our paid users having relaxation.

Posted on Mar 28, 2020

Hello TrendsViews Users,

TrendsViews is happy to announce all users about the product major update and during this period our paid membership users had trouble ordering youtube video views.
Moreover, TrendsViews had successfully upgraded web app for all users, below are points covered in these recent updates.


1. Introduce TrueViews Concept 

TrendsViews are now equipped with TrueViews concept, now all users having questions about what is TrueViews concept, so let us clear about TrueViews Concept first.
TrueViews means what all your ordered views will be going to reflect in your realtime report as well as shows as count on your videos. let me explain in brief with an example, Assume that your video having some views let say 1000 views, now after mining credit surely users are going to order some views, so assume that you ordered 200 views, so now if your video is going to complete its views, then your video will show publicly 1200 as a views count. for more clarification for this, we added StartViews and CurrentViews as an additional field in My Videos Page, Users can track of those fields to confirm that ordered views reached by TrendsViews or not.


2. Minimum Order of 100 Views 

Now Above point itself clarify that now TrendsViews will accept 100 or more than 100 views as a single order, you can not order less than 100 views from now on.


3. Membership Extended for 7 Days

This extension is only for paid membership users, we had extended their validity to 7 days, because while implementing 1st point some users have faced the issue of ordering and credit mining, so this decision is taken by Team


Hope our announcement is clear to all users


TrendsViews Team


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